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I have a complaint about one of the Municipal Service. What should I do?

Call 153 and report your complaint.

I want to have something repaired on my street. Where can I call?

Call 153 and report your request.

I need a funeral service. Where can I call?

Call 188 for Funeral Service and report your request.

My spouse is having heart attack. I need an ambulance. Where can I call?

Call 112 for an ambulance and report your request.

I need an ambulance on midnight. Is an ambulance available?

Yes. Call 112 Ambulance Service works 24 hours for 7 days even on holidays.

I want to report about fire on my street. Where can I call?

Call 110 for fire.

I need a pharmacy open after hours or on Sunday.

Check out our website and click on Night-Pharmacy List. Find a pharmacy close to your address.

What are the Greater Ankara Municipal Services for Disabled Citizens?

• Social Services
• Psychological Support
• Health Service
• Social And Cultural Activities
• Emergency Service
• Cleaning Services
• Repairs In Home
• Economical Support
• Disabled Discount Card
• Disabled Free Pass
• Psychological Counseling and Guidance

Is there any technical course by Greater Ankara Municipality?

Yes. It is Technical Education Courses (BELTEK) have:
• Electronic-Computer
• Elektric
• Machine
• Press
• Metal-Moulding-Model
• Furniture-Decoration
• Structure
• General Courses
• Information Technologies
• Vocational Training

Is there any place for Natural Sport Activities around Ankara?

• Windsurfing: Sariyar Dam and Camlidere dam reservoir are available for windsurfing.
• Bike Tourism: Kirmir brook valley, Ankara brook valley, Eğrioba and Benli tablelands, Karagol, Mogan and Eymir lakes are available for bike tours.
• Cave Tourism: In Gudul district around Kirmir brook, the historical terrestrial Inonu Byzantine caves estimated to remain from the Byzantine period consists of floors accessed by stairs. Located at the Golbaşi Incek, Karayatak Hill locality 15 km far away from Ankara, Tulumtafl Cave is 5 km long, 1–1,5 km wide and 30–40 meters high.
• Sports Line Fishing: Fishing is available in; Kizilirmak, Sakarya rivers and their branches, in Kirmir brook, in Mogan, Eymir and Kerevit lakes and in Karagol, Asartepe, Camlidere, Sariyar, Kesikkopru dams.
• Mountain and Nature Walk: Trekking is available in, Kirmir Brook Valley forming the 30 km track in Gudul, Pazar Brokk Valley which is important with its geological formation and flora, İlhan Brook A.an Valley which harbors a 22 km track with flora and landscape features, Cubuk Brook
• Valley with some strait formations and various flora. Nature walk is also available in a very narrow area in İnozu Valley plain which rises like a fish back with escarpments on both sides, in Mogan, and Eymir Lakes with their water element, flora and wild life and around Cubuk Dam. Soğuksu National
Park in Kizilcahamam is also important.
• Camping Caravan Facilities: Soğuksu National Park, E.rioba and Benli tablelands, CubukKaragol forest recreational areas and Bayindir Dam can be used as recreational and picnic areas. These places are equipped for meeting the needs of numerous visitors for tent and caravan camping.
• Plateau Tourism: 55 km far away from Beypazari and 20 km far away from Karaflar town, Karaflar E.riova Plateaus are the best places for trekking, tent camping and recreational activities. These places harboring the ponds with trout and brook fishes offers sports line fishing. Camlidere-Benli Plateaus, Gudul Sorgun Plateau, Nallihan Andiz Plateaus, Kizilcahamam, Ulucak Plateaus, Baflkoy at 45 km distance and Salin (Maden) plateaus at 35 km distance. Surrounded by black pine forests these plateaus are available for nature walking and tent camping.
• Thermal Tourism: The temperature of springs in Kizilcahamam Hot spring are; 47 CO at the big spring, 44 CO at the little spring, 19,5 CO at the Mineral Water Spring, 37 CO at the hard water spring. The temperature of Sey Bath spring on Cankiri Cerkes motorways around 43 CO. The
temperature of Ayafl Hot Spring and Mineral Springs is 51 CO. Apart from the 31 CO Ayafl Karakaya Hot Spring, the temperature of Beypazari Dutlu Tahtali Hot Spring and Mineral Spring is varies between 31–52 CO. The temperature of Cubuk Melikflah Hot Spring is 31 CO.
• Winter Tourism: In Elmada. Ski Center, 26 km far away from Ankara, located on the northern hills of Elmada., the snow thickness varies between 30 60 cm at 1500 1850 m altitudes. Having a continental climate, the ski season in Elmada. is between JanuaryMarch. Tree-free courses covered with alpine grass are easy and average tracks.
• Bird Watching: 70 km south of Ankara within the municipal borders of Bala and Haymana districts, 1.500 hectares Col Lake (Calikduzu) located in a small closed basin, is a salty and shallow lake fed by little brooks. Harbors various birds. Golbafli Mogan Lake around gained an important bird area position by enabling population growth. Soğuksu National Park is an important bird area through the growing population of black stork, lammergeier, Egyptian vulture, griffon, black vulture and booted eagle. In Gudul and Dortdivan towns, on the foothills of Kavakli mountain, a 10km valley formed by the Suvari Spring running through Kirmir Brook, is a breeding area for black vulture. In Beypazari İnozu Valley, the black stork making nests on the rocks, lanner falcon, Egyptian vulture and raven can
be observed. Nallihan Bird Sanctuary in Beypazari, Nallihan towns, Beynam Forest in Bala are important bird areas with two pairs incubating imperial eagles.
• Horse Riding in Nature: KizilcahamamKaracaoren village and Karaflar E.riova and Camlidere Benli tablelands are available for horse riding and nature walk.
• Paragliding: Golbafli Training Facility where aviation clubs of universities in Ankara give paragiliding trainings, offers many activities and facilities. Thanks to the training hill opposing a wide plain, the suitable elevation and the wind from all directions, it is very suitable for paragliding trainings.
• Plant Observation: The climate conditions and the terrain formation enabled the development of two separate plant association around Ankara. Having a wide range of plants, in Ankara approximately
960 different plant species grows in natural environment and approximately 175 of them are peculiar to the region such as the Ankara Crocus, ornithogallum, white knapweed. The most rich families in terms of number of species are; daisy family, legume family, poaceae, crucifers, labiatae.
• Wild Life: In Ankara, aquatic creatures such as carp, trout, freshwater mussel, crab, turtle and poultries such as cormorant, wigeon, barnacle, and water hen adopted the ecological environment of the vicinity. The forest lands in Nallihan, Beypazari, Kizilcahamam, Camlidere, Cubuk and Gudul towns provides living space for bear, wild boar and deer. It is possible to meet land animals such as wolf, fox, badger, rabbit, foulmart, weasel, squirrel and birds such as partridge, hazel grouse, great bustard, crane woodcock, pigeon, turtledove, quails in every part of Ankara. Also within the moorlands raptors such as hawk, falcon and eagle can be seen.

Does Municipality have any vocational courses for public use?

Municipal Handcraft and Vocational Courses (BELMEK) have handcraft and vocational courses at 6 main centers and 154 course place over the 31 branches. Courses allow development of the citizens from all ages in terms of cultural, artistic and, profession.

What does BELMEK offer about courses?

• Calligraphy Course
• Ornamentation and Miniature Art Course
• Paper Marbling Course
• Painting Course
• Paper Cutting Art Course

What is all about Family Living Centers?

Family Living Center have 5 clubs:
• Women’ Club
• Youth Center
• Kids’ Club
• Elders’ Club
• Club for Handicapped

What kind of activities do you have for women?

• Women’s Club
• Women’s Shelter Houses
• Marriage Ceremonies
• Vocational Courses in BELMEK or BELTEK

What kind of activities in Family Living Center?

• Fitness
• Aerobic
• Gymnastic
• Dance
• Music
• Sport
• Computer/Internet
• Swimming
• Sauna
• Library
• Billiards Table
• Tenis
• Air Hockey
• Mini Golf
• Chess
• Mind Games
• Health Rooms
• Meeting Halls
• Kid Nursery Classes

What are summer activities in Ankara by Greater Ankara Municipality?

• Shopping Fest in June
• Grand Ankara Festival in July
• Holy Month Ramadan Nights Celebration in July

Is there any music concerts arranged by Great Ankara Municipality?

Yes. Especially during the summer months:
• Ramadan Nights Celebration in Genclik (Youth) Park
• Shopping Fest and Grand Ankara Festival in Ataturk Cultural Center (AKM)
• Music and theater show in Genclik (Youth) Park Cultural Center

Does Greater Ankara Municipality have any Sister City?

We have 44 Sister Cities since 1971.

What is the purpose of having a Sister City?

It is signed protocol between capitals which improves socio-cultural relations.

What is “Celebration Days” between sister cities

Promoting cultural activities in the city sister to introduce cultural values.

How many members in Municipal Council?

102 council members

Who is head of Municipal Council?

Mayor of Ankara

What is Blue Desk?

It is a Municipal Help Desk for citizens to complaints and demands

Could you list of the Historical Places in Ankara?

1- Republic Monument: It takes place in Ulus square.
2- Victory Monument: It is in Kizilay on Atatürk Bulvari.
3- Security Monument: It is in the Guven Park in Kizilay.
4- Hittite Monument: It is in Sihhiye Square.
5- Great Architect Sinan’s Monument: It is in the garden of Faculty of Language, History and Geograhy.
6- Mithat Pasha Monument: It is in General Directorate of Agriculture Bank, Ulus.
7- Korea Monument: Located next to Ankara Station.
8- Ankara Citadel: It is located back of the Ulus.
9- Temple of AugustuSoru: The temple that is just beside Haci Bayram
10- Julianus Column: It is next to Governorship building in Ulus.
11- Roman Theatre: It is close to Ankara Citadel
12- Roman BathSoru: In Ulus district.
13- Old Ankara HouseSoru: These houses are especially within the premises of Ankara Citadel.

Is there any Museum in Ankara?

Yes. Some of them listed below.
1- Anatolian Civilizations Museum
2- State Art And Sculpture Museum
3- Republic Museum
4- Ethnography Museum
5- Çengelhan Rahmi Koç Museum
6- Museum of Meteorology
7- MTA Natural History Museum
8- Museum of Toys
9- Museum PTT (Post Office)
10- Telecommunication Museum
11- TCDD Museum and Art Gallery
12- TCDD Openair Steam Locomotive Museum
13- Ataturk’s Mansion in National Struggle and Railway Museum
14- Şair Mehmet Akif Ersoy Museum
15- THK Turkish Aviation League Museum
16- Turkish Forestry Museum
17- 75th Year Republic Education Museum
18- Agriculture Faculty Museum
19- Anatolia Architecture and Furniture Cultural Heritage Museum
20- Anitkabir, Ataturk and War of Independence Museum
21- State Cemetery Museum
22- Mapping Museum

Is there any Recreational Area in Ankara? Where do they locate?

1- Youth Park: Located between the Ankara Station and Ulus, Altindag district
2- 50th Anniversary Park: Located in Çankaya district
3- Göksu Park: Located in Batikent
4- Wonderland: Located in Sincan district
5- Dikmen Valley: Located in Çankaya district
6- Gökçek Park: Located in Keçiören district
7- Mogan Park: 25 kilometers from Ankara in Gölbaşı district
8- Altinpark: Located in Altindag district
9- Blue Lake (Bayindir Dam): 12 kilometers from Ankara, located in Mamak district
10- Kurtulus Park: Located in Altindag
11- Swan Park: Located in Kavaklidere, Çankaya district
12- Seymenler Park: Located in Çankaya district
13- Botanical Park: Located in Çankaya district
14- Zoo: Located in Y.Mahalle district
15- Atakule Tower: Located in Çankaya district
16- Ulus Historical City Center: Located in Ulus, Altindag district